I have been learning to solve addition and subtraction problems using the standard written form (algorithm).

So What?

I have learned that when you have an equation like 145+38= if you add something to one side, you must take it away from the other side.

Now What?

My next step is to use this strategy with larger numbers.


I am learning about our new literacy programme.

So what?
My reading teacher is Mr Forman. My reading goal is to learn strategies to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words.
My writing teacher is Mr Rule.
My SML teacher is Mrs Marsh .

Now what?
I need to know my reading goal better.

Te Reo Maori

We have been learning language about ko au which means me myself and I.

So what?
Something I have learnt to say is no Tiana ahau ( I am from China.)

Now what?
My next learning step is to speak confidently.

Reciprocal Reading

I am learning about reciprocal reading.

So what?
I have learned that reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders. Everyone is expected to contribute.

Now what?
Two areas I want to get better at are summarising and questioning.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

I am learning to make safe decisions.

So what?
I am learning this because we need to keep ourselves safe.

Now what?"
An example of a safe decision is if a stranger asked me to help him or her find their dog I would say no and I would walk away.


WALT write a poem using a haiku structure.

I learned to use different techniques to find the syllable in a word.

I achieved my goal because I clapped out the syllables.

Next time I will use a robot voice to find syllables.

Here is my haiku:
snow is so squishy
snow is like cut up paper
snow is a pillow

Year 4 Sleepover

Something I enjoyed was dinner because it was my favourite food.

One challenge I had was foxes and hounds and I solved it by using teamwork.

Something I learned about myself was I can find lots of hiding spots.

I surprised myself when winning a round of foxes and hounds.


I am learning different Athletics skills.

I learned to jump on one foot and land on two feet in long jump.

I achieved my goal because I took off on one foot and landed on two.

Next time I will land on my feet in long jump.

Integrated Learning

WALT : create a piece of furniture for a future learning space.

I learned what a side view is.

Here is an example of my learning: I used cardboard and popsicle sticks. I made a chair with a desk connected to it.

Next time I will make my chair more stable.


WALT: Pass, kick and catch large balls.

I learned how to properly kick a soccer ball.

Here is a example of my learning.

Next time I will catch with my hands on the side of the ball.


WALT: create a mosaic using pastel and Indian ink.

I learned Indian ink is a thick black ink.

Here is an example of my learning.

Next time I will colour it in more carefully.

My Mihi

WALT introduce ourselves in Maori.

I learned to pronounce teacher and principal in Maori.
My best sentence is Ko James toku hoa.

I achieved my goal because I can say the words properly.

My next step is to learn my mini of by heart.

ANZAC Writing

WALT use specific vocabulary to write a diary entry.

I learned how to write a diary entry.

I achieved my goal because I wrote the whole time.

Next time I will write longer sentences.

My best two sentences are: I heard blood, death and bones cracking. And, Bullets fired left right and centre lots of soldiers got shot especially the New Zealand soldiers.

Cross Country

WALT run 1.5km for cross country.

I learned that it is difficult  to run 1.5km.

I achieved my goal because I jogged the course and crossed the finish line.

Next time I will try to run the whole course instead of jogging the course.

Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

has just shared this Viewable by link Google Document with you:Bobby

Learning to Blog

W.A.L.T add a post to our own blog.

This is one way I will be sharing my learning this year.

My next step with blogging is to remember how to log in myself.

Test Post

I am learning to add a post to my blog.


WALT - sing the new school song.

Success criteria: Sing using the correct words and attempt to use the correct pitch.

Room 2 sang this beautifully, they used the correct volume and some of them hit some good notes whilst singing.  Keep on practicing room 2 and we could even get some of the moves into the song.-- 

Writing - Character descriptions

WALT: write a character description

Success criteria:

  • use interesting words to make a picture in the reader's mind.
  • write about what the person looks like
  • write about what the person does (actions)
  • Write about what kind of person they are (personality)

Planting Potatoes

WALT:  plant and take care of potatoes.

We can do this when:

  • Get a suitable bucket to plant our potato in
  • Plant the potato seed in the right amount of soil
  • Water our potato on a regular basis
  • Take our bucket out of class everyday to sit in the sun

Stage 1:  Here we are decorating our buckets!! (BobbY, Max, James and Luca)


WALT: EXPLORE translations through slide, reflect, and rotate on plane shapes.

Success criteria:
 - Use the first letter of your name to slide 
 - Use the first letter of your name to reflect
 - Use the first letter of your name to rotate


WALT: predict and create a bathroom or kitchen tilling plan using tessellation.

Success criteria:
- create simple tessellations involving squares and other shapes

- repeat simple tessellations involving squares and other shapes
Easy Blog Photo

Jump rope for heart

Achievement Objectives

Students will:
  • Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences.
  • Develop a wide range of movement skill using a variety of equipment and play environments

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to:

  • Join in activities with a positive attitude
  • Identify what makes fitness a positive experience
  • Identify ways to make changes to the activity to increase enjoyment
  • Demonstrate basic skipping skills with short and long ropes

Play - reading

WALT: practice and perform a fairytale play within a group

Success criteria:

  • Students can using a clear voice
  • Students can face the audience
  • Students can read a script to the best of their ability
  • Students can add emotion and acting to their plays.


WALT: play on the recorder by reading a music sheet.

Success criteria: 

Share Music Making with others, using basic performance skills and techniques (L.2)

3d Shapes

WALT:  make 3D foil shapes.

Success criteria:

Make a 3D shape out of paper and wrap it in foil.
Talk about what kind of shape you made.
Talk about how many faces, sides and corners your shape has.


Achievement Objectives

Students will:
  • Participate in creative and regular physical activities and identify enjoyable experiences.
  • Experience creative, regular, and enjoyable physical activities and describe the benefits to well-being.
  • Describe and use safe practices in a range of contexts and identify people who can help.
  • Develop a wide range of movement skills and play environments.

Learning Outcomes

We are learning to:
  • Create and perform sequences of unlike actions on the floor.
  • Identify how to use equipment and perform skills safely.
  • Identify how gymnastics is helpful to everyone.

Library session

WALT: read a book for enjoyment.

What that looks like:  

           We are sitting quietly in a spot reading a book and showing respect to everyone else reading.